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Mohammed Iftekhar
Haza Min Fazli Rabbi 

Data Scientist  & Consultant  with recently obtained aptitudes, an unquenchable scholarly interest, and the capacity to mine shrouded pearls situated inside huge arrangements of organized, semi-organized and unstructured information of Business for promotion , health science data for disease cure. Ready to influence a substantial measurements of data science and connected insights with representation and a solid feeling of investigation and Business Consulting.

Services we serve with my team : IT Solutions such as websites , web application, Android application , IOS Application, Data curation, Data Analysis, Database Development , Infrastructure facility setup and a complete solution for Research labs, Hospital labs. Content writing , Manuscript , Paper publishing and scientific career consulting , scientific IT skills training and Business Consulting and Solution.

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Mohammed Iftekhar -   Graduation in Biotechnology from Al-Ameen Science College - Bangalore University and project work on r-DNA Technology at Shreedhar Bhat Laboratories there after Master's in Bioinformatics from Karpagam science college - Bharathiyar University and Project work on Database Development Technology  at Indgen Life Technologies.  My previous experience in Teaching, Research & Development.  participated as  a visiting faculty for subject bioinformatics, biostatistics, computer application, Genomics & Proteomics in various colleges in Bangalore such as AL-Ameen - [Exp],  Dayananda - [Exp] AMC -[Exp] Oxford - [Exp]  & Padmashree -[Exp] Institutions. My Research and Development experience as Project Apprenticeship at Caravel Info System. Junior Research Fellow in NCBS (Structural BioinformaticIISc (Molecular Biophysics Unit  and as a Senior technician at IISc (Center for Neuroscience unit)  Currently as consultant at  BIOCURATIONlearned many skills(Web Technologies, Bioinformatics, Scientific Data curation , Database ,Data Analysis, Programming, Image Processing, Cloud Technologies (Google, AWS), Digital Marketing, Payment Integration, Scientific Event and Business management from this institutions. publications [1][2][3][4] on database and first author of 1 book (1) Bioinformatics practical manual available on Amazon. Poster Presentation-[1] ,Prize-[1]Event Participation's Biotech Exhibition - 2005 Biotech Exhibition - 2007, BigData workshop , Scientific Writing workshop , Personality Development workshop -  My interest in  Bioinformatics and Data science and analytics with the Biological Data, Medical data, Health data.  encourage students and other professionals for consulting, training and troubleshooting research query. I would like to share my knowledge. Also a Consultant for Business , life science Jobs, Project training ,courses and Higher Education . Member for  Education & Career  consultant in Siksha Association Trust , Career counselor and Speaker and member in various scientific societies
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Publication: (4)

Myosinome: Divya P. Syamaladevi., Margaret Sunitha., S. Kalaimathy., Chandrashekar Chilamakuri Reddy., Mohammed Iftekhar., Naseer Shaik Pasha and R. Sowdhamini (2012) “A database of myosin from select eukaryotic genomes to facilitate analysis of sequence-structure-function relationships”.
J. Bioinformatics and Biology Insights, 6, 1–8.
http://la-press.com/article.php?article_id=3415   , http://caps.ncbs.res.in/myosinome/

DoSA: Swapnil Mahajan, Garima Agarwal, Mohammed Iftekhar, Bernard Offmann, Alexandre G. de Brevern and Narayanaswamy Srinivasan (2013),”Database of Structural Alignments”. J. Database (Oxford). bat048. doi: 10.1093/database/bat048

DOR : Balasubramanian Nagarathnam1, Snehal D. Karpe1, Krishnan Harini1, Kannan Sankar2,3,
Mohammed Iftekhar, Durairaj Rajesh4, Sadasivam Giji1, Govidaraju Archunan4,Veluchamy Balakrishnan5, M. Michael Gromiha6, Wataru Nemoto7,‡, Kazhuhiko Fukui8 and Ramanathan Sowdhamini (2014)  “Database of Olfactory Receptors – Integrated Repository for Sequence and Secondary Structural Information of Olfactory Receptors in Selected Eukaryotic Genomes”.
 J. Bioinformatics and Biology Insights, 8, 147–158.

Syed Khalid Perwez , Hamza Mohd. Zubair, Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib, Kauser Ahmed
P, Mohammed Iftekhar (2013) “Association Rule Mining Technique for Psychometric Personality Testing and Behaviour Prediction”. J. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, vol-5, No-5,  ISSN:0975-4024.

Book Published:

Written book in “Bioinformatics” called “Bioinformatics Practical Manual”, Published 2014
 ISBN-13: 978-1517505882

Awards & Achievement

- 3rd Prize in TRAIL BLAZER held at  BIOZING’06 on 9th June 2006
                           at BANGALORE BIO, Palace Ground, Bangalore.
- 1st Prize in QUIZ held at  BIOZING’06 on 9th June 2006
                           at BANGALORE BIO, Palace Ground, Bangalore.
- Poster Presentation entitled “Alzheimer’s Disease Tool for Gene & Protein” Organized by Microarena, Microbiology Programme, Pondicherry University   during 3-4 April 2014

Extra Curricular Activities & Participations:

Participated in the ANNUAL EXHIBITION -2005 in BIOTECHNOLOGY Dept.
Participated in Workshop On “Personality Development” on 03-05-2007
Participated in ANNAUL EXHIBITION -2007 in BIOTECHNOLOGY Dept.
Participated in Workshop on “ Big Data & Hadoop Technologies” on April 3-4, 2014
Participated in “Scientific Medical Writing” Program held on 11th May 2014
National Seminar on “Advance Material & Application” on 4th March 2008
Participating in Bioscience Seminars, Webinars, Workshops, Conferences and Training's.

Mohammed Iftekhar

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